Olga has been incredible in helping us with our house build. Our house is a new build that has taken over 15 months and Olga’s input has added value everywhere.

Her real strength lies in being able to discern key pieces where you need to add wow factor and then creating real saving in other items.
She knows the best places to source beautiful items - often locations not available without an interior designer
, but then she turns around from the 'beautiful hand crafted Italian items' and gleefully scours savings - finding sales or other replacement items. For example she dropped the cost of all our bathroom hardware down 70% by finding items very similar to the high end ones I wanted at 30% the price.

She has a European style which I love and is rare in NZ. She has been as happy to work with any budget for items (whether it be 5 figures or 2 figures she doesn't care and just provides the best in the range).
But best of all she is great fun to work with (and to have a wine or two after the work is done!).

Clementine Bayvel, Auckland

“Olga is a miracle worker! My house used to be just an average house and now it looks like a picture out of a catalog! She took the time to help me choose different designs and furniture that fit specifically to my house and my needs. My bedroom is very inviting, cosy and stylish and everyone is amazed with my new lounge redesign. Olga was very easy to communicate with and bounce ideas back and forwards, she let me bring items into my house as many times as I liked to see if it would fit my home and change them for others if they didn't. Very high quality service and expertise in design. Would highly recommend!!!!!! Thank you Olga.”

Natasha Mustafaeva, Auckland

“Olga is a wonderful designer to work with. I'm really enjoying her collaborative approach and she has put a lot of effort into finding things that reflect our taste. Olga knows how families and houses work, and is also a brilliant project manager. She is a genius with fabrics and colours but the most amazing thing Olga does with a room is to get feeling into it. The result of casual luxury is magic and makes the room not only beautiful but also so easy to live in. Thanks so much Olga, we're really looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! “

Sarah DeCroy, Auckland

“When you sit down with Olga at Ermitage design she somehow manages to extract the vision that you have in your mind that is almost impossible to explain to people. It's is then transformed into something greater than you could have imagined but staying true to your original dreams. 

When designing our restaurant Paris Butter she has this impeccable talent that keeps you involved through the whole process, by the end you are left feeling like you a part of the design with a product you could have never dreamed of. There are no short cuts, no hidden fees, open communication and she gets the best deal on everything. 

The headline of the latest restaurant review "Much has been written about the gorgeous interior of Paris Butter" is the only thing I struggle with because now all of the attention shifts to the design first before the food but we are lucky they like them both so it's a great problem to have . Olga is Brilliant beyond all expectations.”

Nick Honeyman, Paris Butter restaurant, Owner and Chef

“We take great pleasure in recommending Olga Skorik and Ermitage Design.
Olga worked with us for over a year on our interior design for our house. She displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. She is dedicated to her craft and brought an abundance of creativity and new ideas to our home.
Olga asked us if we had any specific items that we wanted at the centre of a room (say a painting or a carpet for example) and then we started the process from there. Olga has a friendly, outgoing attitude while remaining solution focused.
She has great communication, listening and organisational skills which kept us on time and on budget. Her patience with us was amazing! We loved working with Olga and we would wholeheartedly recommend her. “

Cecilia and Hugh Lambie

“We have bought our house half a year ago. This is the old house which has been rebuilt from a batch, so despite it is quite spacious, it looked like “granny house” both inside and outside.
We have decided to change the design and asked Olga to help us with that. Olga has suggested a new colour scheme for exterior and worked together with us on internal style. She gave us several design examples to pick from, asked about our preferences and advised what furniture we need to use. Our lounge and bedroom are very unusual design with columns and sloping ceiling, so it was very tricky to find a bed and a sofa to match our current style, improve it, but not make the rooms chocked up or too empty. And Olga did a great job! She has heaps of contacts of different design shops, she tracks the discounts and new arrivals and we are definitely won’t be able to find such good furniture without her. We were impressed how the new colour can change the impression of the house and even how we feel staying in our house now.
It looks much more modern, interesting and unusual. We are absolutely happy with our new home design and highly recommend Olga to those who wants to enjoy the new view of their old house.”

Artem Tarasov

“I know Olga for several years now and I absolutely love her style and design work. So when I needed some advice on renovation in my beauty studio of course I asked Olga to help. Everything was perfect, fun and creative. Olga is full of energy and ideas, she chose perfect colours for my space and gave me very valuables advice. It was a pleasure to work with Olga and I would recommend her to all of my friends.

Olga King

“Olga and I initially connected over our shared love for a particular fabric. It was a heavy linen animal print that she'd used for two occasional chairs in her home. I saw them in a NZ House & Garden article about her business Ermitage Design - and that was that. The entire brief for my chocolate box villa in Ponsonby started with that piece of fabric. I had envisaged a chair. She led me to a handmade headboard. It was installed about a month ago now, and it's so beautiful I still gaze at in when I come in the door every evening.

We're still going - but here's why I love Olga so. She looks and really sees - intuitively knowing what I am deeply attached to - and that these pieces are 'my keepers'. She listens  to what I like - she doesn't impose - rather encouraging and working with me to translate my thinking into something even better. She's decisive and gets things done. She works with a small group of really excellent contractors. And she tells me when things are just not going to work. Sometimes she arrives with coffee and pastries to share as we sit and chat. She's helped me clarify my own style, and on the way my wee villa is turning from a house into a warm and wonderful home. While I haven't known Olga for very long - we already know and understand each other - and now she's not just my interior designer of choice - she's also a friend.“

Tracy Ellis, Ponsonby, Auckland

Olga came up with an ingenious solution to the problem of my gorgeous but, frankly, ancient and disintegrating silk curtains. Her proposition (cut away the damage and replace it with a new vertical panel where the curtains part)  not only saved me money, saved the curtains but looks fantastic. She also put me on to her fabric sources and wunder seamstress, Jess, who did the work beautifully. In hindsight it was so obvious and simple a fix, but I'd never have thought of it on my own.”

Yvonne van Dongen